Do you have a "turlupine" question? Nothing like a good Frequently Asked Questions!
We have tried to bring together the most frequently asked questions on social networks here in order to reassure you about the functioning and the state of mind at MATT Racing ! Otherwise, he always has the possibility to contact us by by clicking here or via social networks.

Question # 1: What is the difference between cowhide and kangaroo leather?
Kangaroo leather is thinner, lighter and more stretchable than cowhide leather, which makes it possible, during manufacture, to make a suit that is much more fitted and "close to the body" than a suit made of cowhide leather. For the pilot, a kangaroo leather suit will be more comfortable to wear thanks to its lightness (about 3Kg of mins than a cowhide leather suit). Thanks to its extensibility and finesse, kangaroo leather is made more quickly, which allows the pilot to have a suit quickly pleasant to wear. To try it is to adopt it ! ;)
Question # 2: How do I "relax" the leather of my suit?
The easiest ... Wear it! And have a little patience too! The suits that you can find at large or small distributors in your area are, firstly, in standard size (and not made to measure) and therefore less "close to the body" and, secondly, they are made, for the most part, from several months and patiently wait in the reserve to be worn. Their leather therefore began to relax by force of circumstances! A word of advice: completely remove your inner lining. This will allow you to remove a "layer" of fabric. You can wear antiperspirant textiles (leggings and long-sleeved t-shirt) under your suit if you are afraid of friction. You will already feel a little better to start loosening your leather when you go for a ride. When you feel more comfortable, you can put your liner back on.
Question # 3: How do I take the measurements AND the photos at the same time?
Alone, it will be complicated ... Two is possible but three is better! The photos are very important because they allow us to see if the measurement was taken correctly. We don't need the photo of the measurement itself (the number) but rather how it was taken. This is why we ask to see the starting point of the measurement and the end point. However, you need a good quality photo to be able to read it correctly. Use a pen or felt-tip pen to draw the small lines that will allow you to mark the beginning and the end of the part to be measured. Do not forget to place or even replace the string at the level of your waist because behind your back, you can't see your navel ... Last resort: the seamstress! But be careful, compliance with the guide is compulsory even for professionals and does not guarantee that any measures will be taken in the event of a problem at the reception. Go to the contact page for some places to have your measurements taken!
Question # 4: Are photos required?
Yes ! Let's go to question # 3 to find out the why and how ....
Question # 5: How can I send my photos all at once without saturating the mailbox?
All photos, measurements and sketches are to be sent by email to [email protected] To put it simply, use the multi-file transfer platform you download your entire file at once, specifying your email and the sending email [email protected] and click on TRANSFER. It's as easy as going first!
Question # 6: I don't have any graphics software to create my model or even add the colors, how do I do it?
Very simple: you print the blank sketch you received and you make me a beautiful coloring;) Even with a pen, it works as long as you specify which color you want in the caption. For the "popular" logos that you want to integrate, download a jpg on the internet, rename it by a number that you will transcribe on a second blank sketch at the desired location. For the lesser known logos of your partners, the best is to send us the logo of the latter in vector version (.ai or .eps) in CS5 or .pdf version of very good quality.
Question # 7: My suit does not suit me, can I send it back to have it taken back to the after-sales service?
Combinations MATT Racing are made by human beings and not by machines and what matters to us about MATT Racing it's that you have a smile from ear to ear when you wear your jumpsuit. A problem with your suit? Two solutions: - Your after-sales service request is legitimate, proven by proper measurements taken thanks to the photos: you send your suit back to us and our after-sales service will take care of sending your suit back to our factory so that the manufacturing workshop can solve your problem. free. Photos of you with the suit worn and a new measurement will be requested before sending to verify your measurements at the time of your request. - You have abused the raclette and other aperitif (depending on the season) which allowed you to weigh 10Kg between your first measurement and the reception of your combination. There, inevitably, a price of combination recovery will be proposed to you according to the importance of the modifications to be made. You are then free to accept or to practice sport;)
Question # 8: Is there a difference in quality between the different wetsuit models MATT Racing ?
All our suits have the same quality of leather, protection and finish. The only thing that changes is the level of customization. The 100% customizable combination at DESIGN and COLOR level in 1 or 2 pieces is the RACING or the GP. Note that a kangaroo leather suit is more expensive than a cowhide suit because kangaroo leather is more expensive to purchase.
Toggle TitleQuestion # 9: What types of protections are incorporated into your wetsuits?
TogglOur protections are of the Smooth Ways brand and are CE level 2 standards, which offer a higher level of protection than level 1 products often used in "standard" suits that you can find at large distributors. So that you get an idea, to the touch, the material used is very similar to the D3O more known to the general public.
Question # 10: The logos "MATT Racing"Can they change color or be deleted / moved?
Although they are made of rubber and cannot be moved or deleted, the logos MATT Racing can however change color to better integrate your design!
Question # 11: If I take a "made to measure" jumpsuit, can I wear a sweater underneath?
When taking your measurements, we ask you to put the equipment you usually use under your suit. So if you live among penguins and other polar bears AND in addition you are cautious AND suddenly you put a sweater under your usual equipment then put on a sweater when you take measurements or check the box "I want to give a little amplitude to my measurements "on your measurement grid.
Question # 12: Are your wetsuits waterproof?
Leather is skin so it is waterproof. On the other hand, the parts in stretch kevlar which are over the entire length of the arms on the inside and the back of the legs are not. On the other hand, our one-piece suits are all perforated on the front at the level of the torso and on the top of the thighs therefore not waterproof in these areas. Nevertheless, you can ask that it is absolutely not perforated or partially perforated.
Question # 13: What is the aerodynamic hump used for?
The aerodynamic hump is simply aesthetic for the everyday rider but it can also be used to integrate a water bottle inside for long trips or road trip. This gourd is connected to the front of the suit thanks to a pipe that will allow you to drink while riding. However, the water bottle remains an option that you must select when ordering so that your wetsuit is equipped with it. For the Pistards and other paddock champions, the aerodynamic hump is aptly named and everything is explained in this last lol. It is standard on 1-piece suits and optional on 2-piece suits.
Question # 14: Is the back protector in your suits approved for the track?
No because, for the track, it is imperative, for safety reasons, to have a suspender back protector with a scratch that goes around your waist. If you want to give it a go, it's up to the event organizer to authorize you or not to take the track with your integrated back protector.
Question # 15: Is the integrated back protector removable?
Yes because for the track, it is imperative, for safety reasons, to have a back protector with a scratch around your waist. Despite everything, whether for the tracker or the biker, all our wetsuits are equipped with a removable back protector from the Smooth Ways brand to CE standards.
Question # 16: To start the track, a 2-piece or 1-piece leather suit?
It is always more pleasant and enjoyable to go on the track with a one-piece suit because your movements on the bike are more present and more exaggerated than on the road. The part between the jacket and the pants of the 1-piece suit may be awkward. But it is sure that if you are more eligible to have a little coffee after a good walk or a good drink with your friends than to do the track, a two-piece will be more appropriate to let your athletic body take the edge off. air after having perspired like a donkey because with a 2 piece suit .... well you will have the sleeves that will caress the ground;).
Question # 17: I just ordered, how long do I have to send in my measurements, photos and sketches?
After placing an order, you will receive your small package "blank sketch + measurement guide". The manufacturing time being 30 to 40 days once your measurements and your sketch have been validated, we can only advise you to send them quickly so as not to be taken by time later when the time to go out is arrived ... However, there is no particular deadline to send us your sketch and your measurements.