What is it about...

The option "ZEN" is available for our entire range of tailor-made combinations to bring you
an ever more complete service!

We know how taking action can seem like a real headache for some, a
cause for concern for others and we also know that each person is different and, therefore, has expectations
different as to its future tailor-made suit (tight in my leather, a little amplitude there, tighter here ect ...)

The option "ZEN" is now here to make your life easier!

What does this option contain?

  • Assistance in taking measurements by videoconference with a person who will guide you throughout the taking of measurements.
  • The manufacture of a first custom leather suit, black, not personalized, but just as effective for riding.

The latter will be used to best adjust your measurements to arrive as close as possible to your expectations (comfort, amplitude, size ect ...). Thus, your final personalized combination will be really top notch!

How does it work ?

After choosing the option "ZEN" when ordering, you are contacted by our team for an appointment
videoconference measurements.

Once you have taken your measurements and your photos sent to the team, the fit suit is made.

This black, non-personalized fit suit will be shipped to you in approximately 21 days for you to try on.

Then, two possibilities are available to you:

  • The fit suit looks great on you and we send your final, personalized combination directly to production after validating the design model.
  • You want to make some adjustments: you send us an email with the desired modifications and photos, which we send to production for the manufacture of your final, personalized suit, which will be manufactured in 20 to 30 days.

PLEASE NOTE modifications to the fit combination are possible on quotation by sending a request by email.
Either way, the fit suit is yours and it's just as effective as your custom suit!

In summary...

Finished the ordeal of taking measurements, doubts and kidneys!

Like a future groom, you benefit from a trial version that allows you to adjust your future gladiator outfit according to your
needs to be at the top and put gas!

And as a bonus you equip yourself witha second new and quality combination without breaking the bank !