At MATT Racing we are constantly developing our products thanks to our "developer" riders such as Enzo BOULOM, speed and endurance rider in the World Championship, to name only him... Requirements and standards are changing in terms of biker safety and our wetsuits have to fit.

We have spent a relentless year refining, rethinking, redesigning and even starting from scratch certain safety elements of our suits in order to always be at the top in protecting our MATT riders.

In particular, we have developed two different models to comply with the manufacturers' specifications by integrating the bellows necessary for the deployment of the airbag. Our wetsuits have been studied from every angle and tested by these manufacturers and that is saying that WORK PAYS!

Certified COMPATIBLE by In&Motion

The designer In&Motion has officially validated the combinations MATT Racing as COMPATIBLE with air-bag vests carrying their technology.

This means that whatever the combination model MATT Racing that you will choose from our range by ticking the option "I already have an air-bag vest", you are guaranteed to have a suit adapted to the deployment of your In&Motion air-bag vest!


And as it should be for all tastes, we have also been officially certified by the brand of integrated air-bag vests Hélite, based in Dijon.

Already well developed in air-bag vests in equestrian and water sports, we collaborated with their team of technicians to develop a motorcycle suit capable of integrating their 17L electronically triggered air-bag vest which does not require subscription.

In the event of a fall (it happens...) The vest deflates by itself and all you have to do is replace the gas cartridge(*) and off you go again!

Two certifications for the brand MATT Racing which ensures you in complete safety whatever your choice of airbag (integrated or not).

And the top, our combinations are still as customizable as before! What to ride safely with again and again the look MATT Racing that you like so much!

So happy ?

Let's go and ride safe!

(*) gas cartridge on sale on our site under "Accessories"for metropolitan France and at Helite resellers available on the site for other countries.