After studying the subject at length, as you had often suggested to us, we finally brought our wetsuit project with an integrated airbag to fruition.

You know it and we will never stop repeating it, we like that you look like Moto GP riders in our suits can be personalized at will, but we like it even more that you are protected in these same combinations!

So, in addition to the quality leather, the stretch and triple Kevlar seams, the interior protections to CE level 2 standards, we pushed the cap further and we turned to one of the forerunners of air-bag vests, the Helite company. based in Dijon (and yes in France!).

The difference, and not the least, this airbag vest does not require any subscription for its proper functioning. Getting started is very easy: press the button three times, the indicator light turns green and gazzzzz!

Already well developed in air-bag vests in horse and water sports, we have collaborated with their team of technicians to develop a motorcycle suit capable of integrating their electronically triggered air-bag vests.
It will have lasted several months of work, prototypes, simulations but it is finally here, for you, the combination with the "MATT Racing integrated air bag"! And best of all, this jumpsuit is still as customizable as before!

A fall ? It could happen...

Our suits specially developed for this air-bag vest with an inflation capacity of 17L will protect most (the trunk) of your athletic body from the sometimes violent impact of motorcycle crashes. The vest deflates by itself and all you have to do is replace the gas cartridge (*) and off you go!

Something to ride in complete safety with the look again and again MATT Racing that you like so much!

Let's go and ride safe!

(*) gas cartridge on sale on our site under "Accessories"for metropolitan France and at Helite resellers available on the site for other countries.