Do you dream of a custom-made and personalized suit?
At MATT Racing, it's possible! Yes, but here it is... How does it work ?

  • I order the combination model I want
  • I return the completed measurement guide and blank coloured sketch (received by email).
  • I validate the simulation carried out by the MATT Racing team
  • I wait 30 to 40 days and ride in my colors.

Otherwise WATCH THE VIDEO ;) More questions. It's over here...

When you say "new site", you say...

You've been waiting for it for a while now and here it is, the NEW MATT Racing SITE! And with it, a lot of new things to do...

New models even more customizable, easier payment, opening to international markets, you will have no more excuses not to equip yourself with MATT Racing!

So go ahead, get loose! It's this way.

MATT Racing, who's that? What's MATT Racing?

"Once upon a time, a long time ago..." Uh... (Clears throat) Not so much actually!

It may surprise some people but MATT Racing is, above all, the story of a guy like you, a little bit out of shape, with bare pockets but passionate about motorcycling, the track, even racing... With a desire to achieve his goals and a (practically) limitless ambition. In trouble to equip himself (like many others), he said to himself "you're never better served than by yourself".

The first #MATTRacingRider was born...

The #MATTRacingRiders Photo Album

Looking for inspiration for your suit? Would you like to see what our products look like in action? We've put together some pictures of our #MATTRacingRiders for you that illustrate the extent of the delirium you can dare on our leathers!

You're a #MATTRacingRiders, send us your shots here to see them on the site!

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