Discover the MATT equipment Racing as well as the cleaning products to preserve your leathers.


MATT adhesive plate RACING

9,90 €

Stick the MATT Stickers RACING wherever you want with this board of 14 adhesives! Even behind your 4 wheels with the new "MATT RACING ON BOARD"!! 

Knee Sliders

25,00 €

You sent like a... and it's time to get your knees done? You can equip your MATT suit Racing with this pair of sliders and get a fresh start!

SMOOTH WAYS Protection Kit

30,00 €

The new SMOOTH WAYS protections are more flexible. Its "intelligent" molecules are flexible, adapt to shapes and become rigid in case of impact, thus absorbing kinetic energy. 


30,00 €

Dorsal fluid reserve pocket ideal for continuous hydration during a race.

Retouching Combination

250,00 €

Package for return transport and repair of the suit, including transport to and from the factory and the repair(s) to be carried out on your suit.