Things are happening at MATT Racing !
Tons of new products for this end of year 2020 !

Our carpets are getting a makeover!

As you may have noticed, our 100% customizable carpets are no longer available on the site... Sad news because we know that you liked the MATT Mats Racing ! But don't worry... They will be back soon for everyone's happiness !

To be clear with you, dear followers, we wanted to pause this product because we were not satisfied with the production times which were, in our opinion, much too long (about 1 month and a half). We have therefore invested because this brand new customizable product is worth it and we will very soon be able to offer you these same quality carpets with a much more reasonable delay (3 weeks).

Be patient and stay tuned not to miss the RE-launch offer of our carpets!

Les BOTTES Racing soon among us... Yes, it's true!

We talked about it, we imagined it, some even dreamed about it... The MATT Racing customizable boots (of course !) are coming for the end of 2020. A design that rocks and the possibility to choose your color (and your size !lol)! Yes, yes, it's true... The MATT boots Racing will perfect your #MATTRider look. And all this at a mini price!

We are finishing the final adjustments to send gas by the end of the year with a surprise for Santa Claus!

You're getting into the competition and you're looking for a sponsor: MATT Racing launches the #MATTRacing PARTNER pack.

You want to know the advantages of this pack that equips you for your future races? Nothing could be simpler: send your request and your book by email to and the Boss will come back to you with a proposal for 2021! Beware, places are limited, so hurry up!

Extra equipment for pistons

We've pushed the envelope a little further by trying to offer you more and more road and track equipment products that are usually expensive but that we've redesigned at reduced prices. With this permanent idea of riding well, without selling your family to finance all your equipment, we got you a top/bottom set of anti-perspirant under-suit type clothes to stay comfortable in all weather (and perspiration stages).

But why in two pieces?? Well, so you can change either the top or the bottom according to your needs! Endurance pilots will like...

For Men AND for mulher, of course, our range of Anti-perspirant Textiles MATT Racing should be launched as soon as possible... Another good idea for a gift under the tree!

Are you a fan of the brand? We thought of the little accessories that will make you happy...

You are more and more numerous to follow us on the networks, adhere to our #MATTRider spirit or even be part of it and we wanted to thank you for your support and especially the recognition and satisfaction you find in our products! For this community of #MATTFans we have created a few small accessories or goodies to collect: from today you can find our "WELDED" keychain in reference to the first MATTRacing drivers who climbed two consecutive years on the podium of the Barcelona 24H. And yes, we had to find a slogan to motivate them during the race and the team being mainly from the South-East of France, it came out naturally "SOUDEINCULÉÉÉ!!!".

Coming soon too, the first issue of our collector's edition of #MATTRacing t-shirts! A small series will follow each month with a different design, allowing you to complete your collection. Be careful, the edition will be limited, so don't wait too long before getting your hands on these almost unique copies!

And even more news for 2021...

Always on the lookout for ways to simplify your life and lighten your budget "I equip myself to roll", we have planned a few small beads for 2021 such as a customizable model of textile jacket (yes, we think of everyone, even friends of animals!) for men AND for mulher, short and less short so that everyone can find his account!

In the same vein, we thought that we could offer you an all-inclusive package "COMBINATION + GLOVES + BOOTS + UNDERBED + CARPET" at a special price, so that you could have the "Total Look" in MATT Racing...

Mais chuuutt.... on en reparle en JANVIER.... ;)